Short Term Missions Opportunities 2014

 We have several short-term missions trips opportunities this year:



In August 2013, we did a youth camp for about 40 kids in Mastic Point (you can see pics on the website and blog). We had basketball, soccer, outdoor games and VBS. We’re hoping to do TWO youth camps this year, one in late June in Nicholls Town, and one in either late July or early August in Mastic Point. It’s a one-week trip and includes some fun stuff, too. Last year’s cost was about $950 for the week (the airfare is the main fluctuating factor). We will take kids 14 and up, but it’s a great trip for families, too – Last year it was 3 families and me. 🙂  For the Mastic Point trip, the max we can accommodate is 10. I’m still waiting on some info for accommodation in Nicholls Town. (NOTE: You do need a passport to travel to the Bahamas.)



I don’t usually take groups to Uganda (we did a basketball camp in 2011 that was great, though!), but I’ve had several people express interest this year. If we get at least 6, I’ll take a group in September. It would be a minimum of 11 days (it’s 4 days of travel), and we’ll work with women and children in the slums of Kampala, and go to the Arise Africa Babies Home in Bukaleba. We can also spend time with hospice in Jinja and/or Tororo is that’s of interest. And we’ll go on a 1 night (2 game drives) safari at Lake Mburo. The cost will be around $3000 a person – I’ll get more precise if we do end up with enough people. Minimum age is 16 without a parent, 14 with.

(NOTE: You will need typhoid and yellow fever vaccinations to travel to Uganda, and will take malaria meds while there, which isn’t included in the cost quoted above. You’ll also need a visa, which is $50, and a passport if you don’t have one, also not included in the cost above.)



We are trying to start a very short term, monthly program in Andros to work with the elderly. The elderly in Andros is a hugely underserved population and in desperate need. We were hoping to start in january, but the accommodation fell through (twice) and we’re still working on a plan B. Participants would fly to Andros, spend 3 days working with 3 groups of 15 elderly per day, then leave the following day. The cost (depending on airfare) would be around $750-800. We only need 2-4 people per month.

If you’re interested in a trip, use the comments or the Contact section at our website  – and feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be.

If you’re interesting in hosting a fundraiser, let me know! We are in fairly desperate need for 2014, after our largest donor was unable to contribute for 2014 due to the economy.

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My February trip is right around the corner!

harriet with family 2 copyI’m leaving in 5 weeks! I can’t believe it. Since we only went to Uganda once in 2012, it has been so LONG since I’ve been there (we went in May) and I’m so anxious and grateful to get be getting back. So what’s on the agenda this trip? It’s going to be a whirlwind! Since I’m going by myself for the first time, I shortened the trip by a week, giving me 2 weeks on the ground. That’s not a lot of time, especially when getting around takes so much time. I’m only taking 2 days off the whole time, and am praying I get through it with health and energy.

I arrive on a Saturday night, and that gives me Sunday to rest, visit at Father’s House, exchange money, run to the grocery for my drinks and snacks, and have tea with my wonderful friend Suzanne. Monday, I hit the ground running, and will be going to Ray of Hope every day during the week. Ray of Hope is in Kampala, in the area known as Namuwongo. I will be in an area of Kampala called Lubowa. Technically, on a map, these areas aren’t so far apart. But when it means driving in the city, it can take forever! And since our donations are down, I will not be using private transport this time, adding even more time to the trip. Yep, I’m going to be using a combination of boda bodas, the new bus system and the taxis. Pray for me! It saves a lot of money, but will be a stretch of my faith, for sure!

I’ll be headed to Jinja on Saturday — I’m debating taking the inexpensive but overcrowded bus or biting the bullet on for a private driver. That’s a hard decision. I’ll be staying at the Arise Africa guest house, except for the one night I’ll spend at the babies home in Bukaleba. I’ll visit my friends at Hospice Jinja before heading back to Kampala. On Friday I’ll visit the Ray of Hope School, on Saturday we’re going to have a party for the ladies and our sponsored kids, and Sunday night I head home.

Here’s what you can pray for:

  • My health and stamina, and especially for a respite from chronic migraine.
  • Good, dry weather. We can’t walk around the slums in rain, and I have many days planned there.
  • My husband and son who will be here in Raleigh.
  • Additional funds to come in so that we can do at least a few micro-business grants. At this time, we aren’t planning to do any.

Thanks so much for your interest and support! I’ll keep you posted if I have power and internet while I’m there. If not, I’ll post everything when I return!

Caroline, one of the widows we work with

Caroline, one of the widows we work with

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Faith and Marvin, 2 of our sponsored kids

Faith and Marvin, 2 of our sponsored kids

Nulu, March 2011

Nulu, March 2011

Project Friendship!

Project Friendship!

Image 10 Image 9 DSCF0063

Agnes, who we met on our very first visit, has a new produce stand in a great location. She didn't have much yet - one of her (7) kids had gone to the market for her and hadn't gotten back. But I know she'll do great, as she has with everything she's done so far.

Agnes, who we met on our very first visit, has a new produce stand in a great location. She didn’t have much yet – one of her (7) kids had gone to the market for her and hadn’t gotten back. But I know she’ll do great, as she has with everything she’s done so far.