Andros – Team Weekend!

Our team came from the US in two groups, because one of them works for American Airlines, and her family was flying stand-by on Friday. That was four people, and the other five came on Saturday. The Rays got to the airport in Nassau for the Western Air flight at 2:30, and were boarded on time at a little before 4:00… But the Delta-flying group was delayed by equipment issues in Atlanta. Western Air, to their credit, did wait for about 40 minutes, but they had a pretty full flight and had to leave. Of course, our group on the ground watched the flight taxi and take off…


Fortunately, Western Air has 2 charter planes, so they sent one to pick up the stragglers. However, because they were prepaid, the pilot brought another load back first in order to not lose the money if they went with another pilot, so our crew didn’t get there until after 7:00. For those of us on the ground, we were happy to learn that the airport has great internet! Obviously, everyone was quite tired by the time they finally arrived. We packed about 13 bags and 13 people (plus the groceries we’d run and gotten while we were waiting) into the 15 passenger van and headed to Mastic Point. Since we were all starving, we basically threw the bags in the door and walked down to Murphy’s Chill and Grill for the first of 6 delicious meals made my Mrs. Murphy – and it was cracked lobster! Bummer, right?

IMG_5028 IMG_5027

Needless to say, everyone slept well! The next day was busy with fun stuff. We went to church at National Church of God, Pastor Barr’s church in Mastic Point where the camp was held. We had an absolutely delicious lunch at the Barrs of snapper, crab and rice, crab,  and slaw, then headed to Uncle Charlie’s blue hole. I’d gone to the blue hole back in April, but it had been way too chilly to swim, so I was ecstatic that it was hot and beautiful, and we could jump right in – which I did! We were there a long time, and it was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to do it again!

IMG_5030 IMG_8088 IMG_8094 IMG_8096 IMG_8105 IMG_8108 IMG_8121

When we finally got out (somewhat unwillingly, but there were members of our group who didn’t get in, so we felt we had to!), we headed to Henry Morgan’s cave to search for buried treasure. Henry Morgan was a pirate who frequented North Andros and is (of course) supposed to have buried treasure in the cave. No luck so far, but I’m not giving up!












Across the street and through some woods is a gorgeous and deserted cove, so we spent some time there, enjoying the cool, clear water and gorgeous view.

IMG_8146 IMG_8148 IMG_8165 IMG_8167

Home for a quick (and minimally watered) shower, and prep time! We got all the bags opened and organized for the camp. We pumped up about 35 balls, organized crafts and outdoor games equipment, and made 76 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Monday’s lunch. (There was a bit of a misunderstanding, so the kids didn’t know they were supposed to provide their own lunches!).  After that, if was off to Mrs. Murphy’s for another delicious dinner, then bedtime, full of anticipation for the week.


This was a really fabulous team. As an introvert, I was fully prepared to retire early to my room each day, but the only day I did that was when I had a migraine on Tuesday. We got along great, everyone was fun (and funny), and there was just a wonderful sense of camaraderie throughout the week. It was really a blessing to me to have not only some great teens along, but some really great adults, as well. I’d go on another trip with this group any day!