Andros – the Research Day

You have probably guessed by now that we didn’t have internet in Andros. Well, technically we did… It didn’t work at all for 4 days, then worked sporadically and slowly after that. I was never able to open my WordPress blogs, though, even when it was working. So now, instead of one hugely long post, I’m going to split it into parts. We’ll have my research day, when I spoke to the doctor at the Nicholls Town clinic and the director of social services. Then I’ll do the team’s arrival, church, and our “tourist” day. I may break the camp up into more than one post – I’ll see how that goes as I write and add pictures. And finally, the last afternoon of decompressing, traveling home, and thoughts. I hope you’ll join me for all the posts (I’ll schedule one a day, so it’s not too overwhelming!). It was a GREAT trip!



I spent the morning in Nassau, waiting to see if the attorney was going to be able to fit me in her schedule. She wasn’t able to, but I did have a good conversation with her assistant, and have a much clearer picture of what we need to get Ten Eighteen registered in the Bahamas. I need to get on that stuff (financial letter of reference, personal letter of reference and criminal background checks for each of the board, plus a summary of Ten Eighteen’s activities to date, and a proposal of what we’ll do in the Bahamas) before I leave for Uganda on September 12 (which is really close!).


I had conch fritters at the hotel, looking out at the beach, then headed to the charter part of the airport. I got there at about 1:15, and finally got on a charter at 4:00! I was the first of the afternoon to want to go to Andros, and I had to wait until 4 other people came with the same destination. Once we were going, of course, it was only a fifteen minute flight. We flew around a rain storm, which was just amazing to see, but I was on the wrong side of the plane to take pictures.

IMG_4985 IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4992

Pastor Barr picked me up and stopped by his house, where Mother Barr gave me a delicious dinner of pork chop and rice. We went to the market and then Mrs. Beneby’s from there, and she was so happy to see me. (That’s always nice!) I had a quiet evening – I enjoyed my couple of quiet, alone days, knowing the team would be coming and the camp starting and there would be no such thing as quiet!

IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4998


Friday was lovely in the am, but rained most of the day. I spoke at length with Dr. Sharma, of the Nicholls Town Clinic, about hospice and the elderly. He sent me to see Gabrielle Romer, the director of Social Services for North Andros. All of us agreed that the elderly are in desperate need of help and socialization, and Gabrielle and I came up with a basic plan for an elderly day care, which I’m hoping to implement at the beginning of 2014 (with help from US volunteers, so more about that at a later date – but if you’re interested in volunteering for a 5 day trip to work with the elderly, let me know!). She’s out of the office through September, and I don’t get back from Uganda til early October, so that worked out great. The rest of the day was spent reading, listening to the rain, and enjoying the last day before all the action started.



IMG_5003 IMG_5018 IMG_5013 IMG_5017

As you drive around, and certainly once you begin talking to people, you realize the huge need in Andros. I have a lot of things on the back burner, but, as always, am trying to do “the next thing,” meaning the thing that God wants done next. For Ten Eighteen, that’s going to be trying to implement the elderly program. The hospice is still out there, but because of the centralized medical system (which is pretty dysfunctional), it’s going to take a long process of dealing with officials and ministries to get that going. I’m really excited about this next phase, and have already had some people express interest. The good news is that this program, as I’ve envisioned it, won’t cost very much to Ten Eighteen, and the cost to the volunteers will be fairly minimal as well (air fare, food, and lodging, and we’re working on a cheaper lodging solution). I’d love your prayers as I work on logistics!

See tomorrow’s post for the events of the weekend, including the saga of the missed flight, and swimming in Uncle Charlie’s blue hole, plus searching for pirate treasure.