Fundraising and 2014

JW at babies home copy

I don’t very often overtly ask for money for Ten Eighteen. People have been generous, and we do all we can with the money, not taking any administrative costs at all and using the money to sustain and slowly further our work in Uganda and now in Andros. But sometimes you have to ask, and ask openly. This is one of those times!

We’ve been notified that our biggest donor isn’t going to be able to donate much or maybe even at all in 2014. Their year end gift has allowed us to meet many needs in Uganda, as that first school term (which starts in January) is the most expensive. This is when kids have to pay not only school fees, but also for uniforms, books, exams, and the things they’re required to provide to the school (toilet paper, reams of paper, etc). Our early January, 2013 wire to Ray of Hope was almost 17,000,000 shillings, or, at the current exchange rate, nearly $7,000.


We currently have at least one, and possibly more, fundraisers in the works for the remainder of 2013. I’m speaking in Houston in November about hospice in Uganda and hope to form some partnerships on that trip. The following weekend I’ll have a booth at a local baptist church. I’m open to speaking, Skyping, or simply sending a DVD or other information for you to present to your church, women’s group, homeschool group, Rotary, or any other group that may be looking for an organization to donate to.

In short, we need you. God has sustained Ten Eighteen for almost five years. In all of my prayers, I’ve never felt like we were done, or even that we are to reduce what we do. (We haven’t expanded at all in Uganda in 2013, and our expansion into Andros is more of a time commitment than a monetary one.) But what that means is that our faith will be tested as we rely on YOU, on those who have prayed for us and followed us and gone on trips with us.

Amanda and Precious

Please pray about partnering with Ten Eighteen, with either a one-time donation, or by sponsoring a child, an elderly widow’s rent, helping monthly with the cost of the hospice fuel, or any of our other programs. As a registered 501(c)3, all your donations are tax deductible per IRS rules, and again, we take ZERO administrative costs. When we go to Uganda or Andros, we personally pay for our airfare and most of our expenses in country. The only thing Ten Eighteen pays is local transport and the few nights we have to stay in a guest house instead of in Kampala. Those cost are usually less than $300 a trip.

If you’d like to donate, please go to our GoFundMe site. You can check out all our programs at the website. Please share the information with anyone you think might be interested in partnering with us, and anyone who might want to go to Andros to work with the elderly during our monthly trips in 2014.