Andros Youth Camp – Days 3-4


There was a huge storm in the night, but that cooled it off somewhat. (Mrs. Murphy nodded when I said it was better, and said, “Yes, it was cool!” Okay no… it wasn’t COOL. But it was probably 8-10 degrees cooler, and that was a lot better!) We had 40 kids, between those that came early and those that joined along the way, and we ran four full, separate stations. Cross the ocean was pretty chaotic, but otherwise it went really, really well. The kids were starting to really get into the songs and motions (digging holes, scattering seeds, stomping the devil’s face, and, the favorite, leaning forward and backward) and worship. Many were making huge progress in the sports, too. Mark, our basketball coach, was really surprised at the lack of experience with any organized sports, but they began to get better at following directions – although they were still unable to form a line! We had a group of 16-18 year olds join us, and that made for some fun soccer and basketball scrimmages. We’re keeping the little guys inside in the afternoons, which is going better. And they are all really starting to grab onto the theme and feel comfortable with us. Overall, a great day! Back at the ranch, we had another great dinner with Mrs. Murphy and made 76 more PB&J sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

IMG_8769 IMG_8778 IMG_8810 IMG_8812 IMG_8829 IMG_8847 IMG_8860 - Version 2 IMG_8938 IMG_9064 IMG_9074 IMG_9086


The last day of stations! Wow! How did the week go so fast?? The kids were really great, although everyone is a little tired by this point, including our team. We introduced Project Friendship to the older kids, and many took thread home to make bracelets for Uganda. While we did more of the same today, we really enjoyed seeing the growth of the kids and especially in their comfort level with the us. There is a lot more laughter and joking around, and everyone participates in the stations now. The singing is great, and there is a LOT of leaning, digging, stomping and scattering of seeds. In short – it’s a blast!

It was also overcast all day, so a lot more pleasant in temperature. I spent the afternoon inside with the 4-6 year olds, and they defeated me. Totally. I ran out of ideas and was bribing them with candy. What can I say? It was the best I could do!

IMG_9124 IMG_9143 IMG_9158 IMG_9171 IMG_9215 IMG_9270 IMG_9272 IMG_9284 IMG_9297

Tomorrow is a half day of all fun stuff. We’re all tired, but really excited about the last day, most especially about the holi powder “run.” (It’s what they use in the Color Run.) We can’t believe it’s our last dinner with Mrs. Murphy… How did it go by so fast?? After a group photo, we headed back to make more PB&J sandwiches for our lunch. I know I’m sleeping really well by this point!


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