Greetings from the Bahamas!

I’m here! Well, I’m here as in “in country.” I’m in Nassau until after lunch today, hopefully to meet with the attorney or her assistants this morning and get the final info on what we need to do to get our nonprofit registered here. I find that, in places like Uganda and the Bahamas, face-to-face is the only way (literally!) to get anything done! So I’m calling them again promptly at 9am, and hoping to catch a cab for Chancellors Chambers soon afterwards. Meanwhile, the sunrise here this morning was stunning:


I have had some really amazing divine appointments on the trip so far. First, the man that sat next to me from Atlanta to Nassau lives in Freeport, and gave me not only a great place to go on Wednesdays in Freeport for a fish fry (very good information indeed since we’ll be there in November!), but also the name of a wealthy man here in Nassau who is very generous, especially to local health-related causes. If I can get a meeting with him, he may be the solution to the hospice funding. That’s huge!

Then, I met the guys from the Hampton University basketball team, who are here for a tournament. They are just super guys to a man, and they all signed a tee shirt for me to give away at the camp. I think it will mean a lot to the kids that a college basketball team took the time to encourage them. (A couple of the guys – who shall remain nameless – said they’d rather do the camp than the tournament!)  I’ll be cheering for Hampton from now on – I may even have to get a tee shirt for game days!


Then, when I was down here in the lobby using the internet (theoretically I have it in the room, but in actuality, not so much), I met two men who are here for a Christian converence. One lives in Wrightsville Beach and seemed very interested in Ten Eighteen. He asked me to slide a card under his door (he was headed back to the conference’s evening session and I didn’t have my purse). The other man is involved with the ministry putting on the conference. He wrote down the website address and also seemed interested. So you never know how those connections will bear fruit, but it was great to chat with them, and they are praying for the camp.

And THEN… Yep, there’s more! … While I was at the restaurant where the team was signing the shirt, a guy came over to the team who, it turns out, coached the high school coach of three of the guys. Byron Dinkins, who the man had coached in Germany, went on to play in the NBA with the Rockets. Anyway, this man is very involved with some non-profits in the sports world, including one that’s in 60 countries (and 20 of them in places like Iraq!). He was also very interested in Ten Eighteen and took my card. He thinks he can hook me up with some of his contacts.

That was all between 2:30 and 8:00 yesterday…. Whew!  The moral of the story? Go where God sends you. Listen. when he prompts you to speak to someone, do it (I initiated the conversations with the basketball team and with the guys here for the conference). You may feel stupid (or crazy). But you just don’t know what will come of it! The Holy Spirit doesn’t waste anything. These contacts may or may not come out like we’re all thinking they will in the natural. But those contacts were all for reason, and I’m just excited to see how it all turns out.

So I’m off to Andros after lunch. I may or may not have internet (I’d say it’s 50/50 at best.) If you don’t hear from me for awhile, that’s why. I hope you will, though – I hope we have internet and I can post updates and pictures from the camp all throughout the week.

We covet your prayers. God has sent me here – sent this team to this place for this time. Please pray that we will make the most of every single opportunity He sends our way, not matter how strange it may seem at the time. My prayer for this team, especially, is that they will begin to see that following the Holy Spirit is “a wild goose chase” (to quote Mark Batterson and his wonderful book by the same name), and that they will begin to be open to true Kingdom life.

Bye for now!

god is so amazing


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