Two weeks and counting!

I leave for Andros in 12 days, but the team gets there August 10, two weeks from tomorrow. I’m so excited! Our meeting went really well, and I think the team is really motivated to really show the love of Jesus to the kids every single day of the camp. I know we haven’t done anything in Andros before, so I don’t have any idea how it will go, but going through pictures from my last Uganda trip (Feb 2013) with a friend really brought the excitement to the forefront for me. We are starting what I believe will be a long-term relationship with these kids and on this island, and I’m really excited to see where God is going to take it. (If you want to help with this camp and with our trip to Uganda, please visit GoFundMe here!)

I know Andros and Uganda are very different in a lot of ways, so I’m trying very hard not to build up preconceived ideas about how it will go and how the kids will respond/react. The kids in Uganda (as well as all the ladies!) absolutely LOVE Project Friendship. It’s a touchstone for both sides. Will the kids in Uganda feel that? Will they understand the significance behind those colorful bands of thread? I don’t know, but I hope so. I hope they will get the love behind the project.


I hope that the message, Are You Enough?, resonates with them. I hope that it plants seeds for the future, on this island that is so in need of hope. Our theme at the basketball camp in 2011 was Life is Fair, during which we compared God’s sense of fair to man’s. Hint: NOT THE SAME! Our goal is to listen to the Holy Spirit in order to meet the kids at their place of need, to plant seeds that will help them hear the Lord as they grow and mature. It’s all we can do – the rest is up to Him!


Here are some photos from the basketball camp – please pray with me that the joy we see on these faces will be the same joy we will see in Andros in a little over two weeks!

IMG_6847 IMG_7248 zeke with dexter the whole camp balls up me with a gang Amanda and Precious IMG_6018 IMG_5963 IMG_6393 IMG_6619 IMG_7080


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