Are you enough?


That’s the theme of our youth camp in Andros next month. ARE YOU ENOUGH?

I think this is something we all struggle with. Being a disappointment to someone – or worse, to God. Not being smart enough, pretty enough, athletic enough, funny enough, patient enough, quiet enough, loud enough, faithful enough, disciplined enough… You can fill in your own word.

For the children of Andros (and any other third world country), there is never enough. When you are grindingly poor, when there are no jobs, when you and your parents work long hours just to get by, it’s certainly hard to imagine that you can do anything for God. You don’t have anything to offer, you may not be educated, and no one even knows you exist outside of your own small community. How can you possibly be enough to be used?

Well, in camp, we’re going to talk about some of the people in the Bible who God used in incredible, powerful, mighty ways, who definitely thought they weren’t enough. Who are they? David. Moses. Esther. Joseph. There are plenty more: Gideon, Aaron,Ruth, Sampson, Jeremiah, Daniel. The list goes on. Our goal is to plant a seed in these children. YOU ARE ENOUGH. With God, all things are possible. You can have a vision and a task from God that can change your family, your community, and even your nation. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

In the US, “self-esteem” has risen to a ridiculous height in the pantheon of desireable traits. And all of us are pretty good at pretending we are “all that.” We’ve got it together. We’re invincible. We can handle our first world problems. We’re on it. Most people here don’t believe that, deep down. Most people are scared, worried, depressed, or baffled — they just don’t want to tell you, because then you’ll think they’re weak. (That’s a bad thing in the old US of A… We’re all supposed to be strong and capable, able to be independent and get by on our own.)

In third world countries, where real, third world problems mean that you may not eat even once a day, where you most likely have no power, when your “bathroom” is the ditch outside your door or a public toilet ten minutes away, where you go through garbage for scraps to eat or sell, people know they’re weak. They know that their government or their local council or maybe the church or school are the ones with power. That’s where you can eat, where they have a toilet, where the power is on. They know they’re not enough, in the world’s eyes. How can they be? They’re walking around in torn clothing that any first world person wouldn’t be caught dead in, in mismatched, ill-fitting shoes, with a belly always rumbling and cramping from hunger.

but God

To God, they are enough. In fact, in many ways, they’re ahead of us, because they already are humble. They already know they’re weak. They already know that they must rely on others for virtually everything. And if they’re Christians, they know they must rely on Him. Their difficulty is that no one tells them. No one says, “You’re enough! You can do anything God gives you a vision for. ANYTHING.” No one gives them hope, affirms their vision, or tells them that they really can get out of the slums and become whatever God tells them to be.

So we’re going to. We’re going to plant that seed. We’re going to tell them that they have value. That they have within them the ability to change the world. That they are enough to God, and that’s enough.

Pray with us as we plan and prepare our own hearts to share this truly life-changing vision with the kids of Andros. And on the way, that we’ll come to believe it for ourselves, as well!


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