Andros Update plus Solar Oven Kits

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I have been traveling a lot, and haven’t been very good at updating the blog (although the Facebook page is updated regularly, so you can head over there and Like it, so you get all the latest news!). There have been things happening, so here’s a quick update.


Yesterday I wired the retainer to the attorney in Nassau, and I’m praying they don’t need it all to get the nonprofit company started there. Yikes! I also sent them the Letter of Engagement – I’d done an informal one by email, but this one was the long one with all the legal-eze in it.

June 15 is the deadline for our team members to have their airfare money in. That means we’ll be getting tickets soon! That’s really exciting!!

It looks like I will be heading down in advance of the team, in order to meet with the attorney, as well as the doctors at the main clinic in North Andros to talk about both hospice and bringing a medical missions team to the island. It makes sense to fold those into one trip to save the airfare, for sure.

This little fruit, the ganip (gunip?) will be ripe when we are visiting! My son (shown here in 2009) is really mad he'll miss them!

This little fruit, the ganip (gunip?) will be ripe when we are visiting! My son (shown here in 2009) is really mad he’ll miss them!


Uganda is having some political issues at the moment. The government shut down 2 newspapers and 3 radio stations because of news unfavorable to the president. There were riots earlier this week in the industrial area near one of the newspapers, with police firing tear gas into the crowd. However, at least one of the papers has now reopened. My friends who live there didn’t even know about the riots until I texted, so it wasn’t too bad. But between now and the election in 2016, when Museveni is supposed to step down after 30 years, I expect some problems. He is grooming his son to take over and bypass constitutionally mandated elections… This isn’t going to go over very well, I’m afraid.

Today I ran into a lady at the farmers market who has invented very inexpensive solar oven kits to turn basically anything into a solar oven. I got 4 kits – $5.25 each! – and am going to try one out myself, then take the other over. If they work, it would be a great addition to people’s cooking, and save them one or two meals of cooking with charcoal. I’m excited to see how it works! She was making tea, baking a small cake, and cooking meat out there in her booth, so I know it does something!


We will be taking tee shirts to Uganda this time. We didn’t take shirts in February, so it will have been over a year since we’ve handed out Project Friendship tees to the kids. Many are still wearing them, so it will be great to add to their collections.

Morette May 2012

Morette May 2012


New Life Camp starts tomorrow, and they are all set to make friendship bracelets for us!! This is such a wonderful partnership, and I’m incredibly excited to share Ten Eighteen and Project Friendship with the kids at NLC. This is the first summer in over 15 years (probably more like 18) where I haven’t had a child either attending or working at New Life Camp, so to know we’re still involved is wonderful.

Project Friendship tees, May 2012

Project Friendship tees, May 2012


Our donations for 2013 are down from the previous 2 years, but we are still able to meet our pledges. However, we aren’t going to be able to add anything new unless we find new people to partner with us in the work we’re doing in Uganda and Andros. Please visit our website to see all that we have going on. If you are able, we would love for you to click on the Paypal link to make a one-time donation, or you can contact us about sponsoring a child’s school fees, an elderly lady’s rent, helping with the Haven feeding program, the hospice fuel, or any of the other things we’re doing. Remember, we take no administrative costs at all – 100% of your money goes to help those in need! We really appreciate your prayers, and hope you will consider helping out with our programs.

Jacob at the Arise Africa babies home

Jacob at the Arise Africa babies home