2013 is shaping up to be big!

Project Friendship!

Project Friendship!

Time is really flying! How is it May already?? And I haven’t posted here in two weeks… Sorry about that! (You can go to the Facebook page and Like it so that you get more frequent updates.) So here’s what’s going on:

  • I found out today that I actually DO have an attorney working on the nonprofit in the Bahamas, I just didn’t know it! Yes, “island time” has a lot in common with “beach time.” It turns out, they’ve been calling the relavent government ministries to gather information. So that’s pretty exciting! I will almost certainly be going down to Nassau and Andros before my daughter’s wedding on June 22. I’m just waiting to get a bit further in the process. But I have sent a letter of authorization for the chambers (law firm) to act on my behalf, so I feel like we are finally up and running there. This will help a lot with the hospice.
  • We have gotten our tickets for Uganda. Zeke will be there August 21-October 2. I will be heading over September 12 and returning with him. Because he will be working on Ten Eighteen’s behalf in Namuwongo, particularly with the Haven boys, I can make another short trip, but not work quite so hard, and still get everything done.
  • The Andros trip in August is well into planning. We have a tee shirt design (I will unveil that soon!) which is AWESOME, and a schedule. Once Ryan graduates from college this weekend, she will be putting together the VBS curriculum, and making the schedule for the camp days. And it looks like we’ll have at least 5 local volunteers from National Church of God to help us out.
  • New Life Camp is partnering with us to make the Project Friendship bracelets for both the youth camp in Andros and the party in Uganda. We will need 500-600, so this is GREAT news, and will help us forge a valuable relationship that hopefully will be ongoing.

Keep checking back (or Like the FB page!) for more updates!


2 thoughts on “2013 is shaping up to be big!

  1. my advise is about 2 ur adopted child,insted of taking them to other vocational schools.4mi l think it is better start ur own center,becouse it is nt expensive.4mi am atrainner in one of organisation(am in shoe making section) bt 4 mi l think it will help our orphans.thanks

    • Arise Africa has a vocational school planned, and we sponsor kids in Namuwongo in vocational school (tailoring, mechanic, secretarial). It’s a great way to get the children skills, for sure! Thanks!

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