New nation, same focus



The planning for our youth camp in Andros in August is proceeding well, and I’m so excited! Butterflies in the stomach excited. When God moves, you just have to go with Him. Make it a point not to ask Him to join you – just jump in and join Him!

We are proceeding with the vision we got for Andros when we were there over Easter. I’m going to establish a Bahamian NGO/non-profit, which will give us a locally established presence for things like land and buildings and other assets, as well as for getting residence status. Getting anything done in the islands is always interesting – a lot of phone calls to get information, since people are on “island time” – but we’re pushing through! I’m also in contact with a poultry expert from NCSU to find out about having an egg farm. She asked me a lot of questions I didn’t know the answers to; I don’t even know how many eggs a chicken can lay in a week! But we’ll get all that figured out, too, eventually.


Meanwhile, Zeke is going to Uganda in mid-August, and I’ll probably be going in late September or early October. Our work there will continue, and we’re always excited to go see our friends, eat yummy food, and check on all the people we’re sponsoring and helping.


So Ten Eighteen is no longer a ministry to Uganda only. We are being stretched, but going happily. We ask for your prayers for both Uganda and Andros, and for us as we navigate what we see and hear from the Lord in both these wonderful locations.

As always, thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and donations!

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