My first real TIA day

My friend Suzanne, who lives here, says TIA a lot. It means, “This is Africa,” and it is used to explain the inexplicable and often contradictory things that happen here. And those things are many!

Today, I was supposed to head out to Bukaleba after lunch, spend time with the kids in the babies home, and stay the night out in the lovely guest house. I saw Godfrey at breakfast, and we agreed we’d go after lunch. I said, “Lunch there or here?” He said here. Then he left with a team that’s here from Austin, TX for church, and I got some work done, since I’d be busy all afternoon.

The power was out this morning, and my laptop battery got pretty low, so at noon I came out to the dining area to read and wait for the team to return and lunch. By 2pm, neither of those things had happened. By 2:30, I was starving but didn’t know when Godfrey would return, so I didn’t want to go to town. I had a bowl of pineapple and watermelon and then went to my room and had Nabs. At 3:30, Godfrey came to my room and asked if I was ready to go… BUT, I couldn’t stay out there because the water isn’t working at the guest house. Which would mean we’d drive 2 hours or more round trip to spend an hour there… Not a smart idea.

So. I said that seemed like a waste of fuel, and suggested we just go tomorrow morning. He agreed (I think he was relieved, as he has been very very busy with the team, not returning from Mbale last night until after 8pm, and heading out again early this morning). What that meant was that I didn’t get lunch and had a lazy day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a lazy day, but it’s usually better if you know it’s going to be one ahead of time, rather than after it’s mostly over with! (I also discovered that my laptop hadn’t been charging because the converter had partially pulled out of the outlet… Yeah, that kind of day!)

I’m doing some work now, writing more blog posts for the two blog tours I have coming up. We’re leaving in the morning after breakfast and will be gone all day, so I won’t get any work done tomorrow, then I’m going out with hospice and going to Tororo afterwards, so no work Tuesday either. I’ve still got about 25 blog posts to write, so I’m just taking advantage of the time (now that I know I have it!).

That’s all I have to report! I’ll try to get a post in tomorrow, with some pictures from the school and babies home. It should be a good, long and probably hot day, but I love going out there, so I’m still excited. Have a good, lazy Sunday!


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