Taking tea in Jinja

I love Jinja. If I lived in Uganda, this is where I’d live. It’s on the Nile, so water isn’t the problem it is in Kampala, and it’s smaller, cleaner, has decent roads, plus there’s a lot to do here since it’s becoming an adventure tourism destination. Here are some pics from other visits, just so you can see how lovely it is around here.

IMG_3608 IMG_3652 IMG_3654 Back Camera IMG_2658 IMG_5568 IMG_5727

The drive here was crazy – approximately 100 km took 3 1/2 hours. Traffic… nuts. But I got fish and chips at Ozzie’s, our favorite Jinja restaurant, plus a cinnamon to have for a snack this afternoon, and did some shopping. I arrived at the Arise Africa guest house at 2pm and got a wonderful hot shower. In Kampala in the dry season, Fathers House has to have water trucked up to the cisterns, so I’m always very conscious about my water usage. But here, it’s no problem, so while I didn’t pretend I was at a spa, I did enjoy the water (and water pressure) immensely!

Now, I’m enjoying the faster internet along with some tea. I don’t have to do anything this afternoon, so I’m going to enjoy it! (I’ll probably work on writing stuff, but at least that’s here on the porch in the shade with some breeze!

Here are some pics I couldn’t get to load from yesterday. I may not be able to post until Monday evening, as I’m going out to Bukaleba tomorrow and there’s no internet. (But there’s really good food!)

The rain on Wednesday over Lake Victoria

The rain on Wednesday over Lake Victoria

IMG_4196 IMG_4197 IMG_4198


2 thoughts on “Taking tea in Jinja

    • We went rafting last year – I couldn’t have held a camera, that’s for sure! They got some good pics of us though. It is beautiful, although quite dry and dusty and hot right now!

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