Five days to go. Is it time to panic?


I’m leaving on Friday. My flight’s at 2:45, so I’m pretty much done with whatever I’m doing by noon. Today is Sunday, and my to-do list is as long as my arm, including editing a 100,000+ word book before I go. At some point, I guess you just have to laugh. I’m not quite there yet, though!

So what’s going on this week?

First, I need to start packing. I get 2 suitcases of up to 50lb each, so I’m probably taking one of our super-light rollers and a duffel bag. Traveling with 50lb duffel bags is a pain, but since I always come home with a lot less than I leave with, it’s great to stuff the duffel in the suitcase and only have 1 bag for the return journey. I’m taking over a lot of stuff, although not as much as usual since Suzanne has just been in New Zealand as she got a lot of things for the kids. But a friend of ours is pregnant and needs some baby stuff, another friend is moving to the US with her baby and needs some warm clothes for their arrival in NYC, and another asked for a few things as a graduation present from grad school. Plus I always take candy and glow sticks and fun things for the kids. Oh, and don’t forget the laptop, tablet and 2 iPhones for another friend, all of which I have to carry in my carry-on.

Make sure my video camera is charged, and figure out what lenses I’m taking for my camera. I want to do some interviews this trip and put together a 3-5 min video for my website. I’m terrible at interviewing people, but I’m going to ask my husband to help — he’s much better at it! I’m not going on safari so I don’t need the huge 500mm lens, and since I have to carry all the electronics and be able to heave that bag up into the overhead bins, I have to be discriminating.

Laundry. This isn’t too bad when we do a spring trip, because most of what I’m packing, I haven’t been wearing. The weather there is about 84 in the day, 68 at night, so I do need jeans and a sweatshirt or two, but mostly shorts and light tops. Still… there are the essentials, right?

Editing. 100k+ words. Enough said.

Errands. I need to go to Petsmart, Costco, Target, the grocery… There will be three men here while I’m gone, so I need to bring in the victuals!

Finish the “fix the house” list. A friend of ours is coming today to do all the things that need to be done to get our house ready to sell. We’ve got a Pod in our driveway, and I need to get stuff moved out there. (I need to not think about the fact that I’ll only have a month after I get back before we list it!) I think he’ll never be able to leave, actually…

Get cash. You can only exchange $100 bills that are 2006 or newer, with no rips, creases or marks. Theoretically it can be 2002 or newer, but you can’t find bills that old that are acceptable. I don’t need much this trip, as everyone is paying me for their goodies in shillings, but we’re doing the big party on March 2, and I’ll need to pay the caterer a deposit early in the trip. Of course, I could always use the ATM there and not worry about it… We’ll see how my time goes!

That’s not a complete list, but it’s making me tired… Here’s the more important thing — the prayer request list.

  • Safe travels both in the air and on the ground.
  • Health and energy, especially since I’ll have very little down time this trip.
  • To see everyone God wants me to see, and to bring His love and blessings.
  • That my family will be safe, healthy and happy here while I’m gone. Since ALL my family is getting left behind this time, I feel more burdened.

That’s it for now. More panicking will follow, I’m sure.



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