Adding in a side trip!


In 2012, Hospice Jinja split off some staff and started Hospice Tororo, about 100 miles from Jinja. Just like Hospice Jinja did in the beginning, Tororo is struggling for funds. At the moment, Ten Eighteen doesn’t have any extra to divert to Tororo (unless you’d like to help?), but I was invited by Rinty (who used to be in Jinja) to come and visit them later this month. After some calculating and studying my schedule, I’m going to be able to go!

On the 26th I’ll be going out with Hospice Jinja to visit patients. I’m usually picked up at 8:00 and we’re done somewhere around 2:00-3:00 (no stops for food or bathroom all day, so I have to plan!). After we get back I’ll grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant. I’d like to go to Oz’s, but they take 45 min to make a burger, so I may have to get chicken on a stick and call it a day! Then James is going to drive me the 97 miles to Tororo. You’re thinking, “Oh, an hour and a half!” Um, no. My guess? At least three hours. I’ve heard the road is pretty good, but that means something totally different in Uganda than it does here!

I’m staying in the guest house, and will spend the morning with Rinty at their office. I don’t think I’ll be able to go out with the team, as my driver is coming around 1:00 to take me back to Kampala. I hear that’s 4 hours… So let’s figure at least 5 or 6! I’ll be back at Father’s House somewhere around dinner time.

It’s interesting that I’m involved with hospices. There’s actually another potential opportunity on the horizon. My mom has worked for hospice for over twenty years, and I’ve always said it’s a calling. I truly believe that —  most of us can’t deal with the pain and stress of the dying like those in hospice do with such amazing grace and compassion. But God has obviously connected me with these two great organizations, and if the third works out… well, what can I say? I’ll go where He sends me!


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