Meeting new people in Uganda

slums 2

I’m leaving the 15th, and am not at all ready! We’ve had some illness in our house the last week, and I’m behind in my work and in my mental preparation for the trip. Fortunately, since this is my 7th trip, packing and preparing is second nature. Whew! What I haven’t done is get my visa, although I have all the paperword ready, which means I have to pay an extra $30 for an expedited visa. A lot of people get visas when they land, and so far we could have done that. But I haven’t for a couple of reason. A) The embassy in DC says that they’re not available at the airport, although they clearly and definitely are. B) TIA (This Is Africa). Meaning that it’s certainly possible that the one time I decide to get it at the airport they aren’t doing them anymore. I’m not willing to take that risk! (Them always losing my bags means I’m at the airport forever anyway.)

I’ve got a couple of new people to meet. One is a Brother Samuel, who I have been introduced to by a Twitter friend. I’m hoping to meet him in person one day after a Ray of Hope/Namuwongo visit. He’s a pastor there, but I don’t know what else he’s doing, so I’m excited to get together with him. Another is a Facebook friend who I’ve connected with through Hospice Jinja. She’s adopted Ugandan children, and will be in the country until Feb 19. That gives us Sunday the 17th to meet… We’ll see if we can work that out!

My schedule is the same, spending the first week in Kampala, going to Jinja for 5 days, then back to Kampala. I’m really excited to have a party for the kids and women we support with Ray of Hope, and my friend Suzanne and I are going to try to slip away on my one free day and have a quiet time at Emin Pasha in Garden City. So it’s all in place — except me!

Thanks for your support and prayers!


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