Wonderful evening sharing about Hospice Jinja

Dr. Frank on a home visit

In September, I was invited by Daniel Situka, the founder of Hospice Jinja and of the ministry Sovereign Wings of Hope, to speak at their annual fundraiser. I wasn’t the keynote speaker, but I was asked to give my testimony about how I got involved with Hospice Jinja, what Ten Eighteen does there, and how God has worked. I was really honored to be asked to speak, and to share God’s heart for Uganda, and what He’s doing there.

So last night I flew to Houston, and tonight I attended the fundraiser. It was nothing short of awesome, to tell you the truth. First of all, I just love sharing my love for Uganda and her people. I could talk about it all day long. So talking about it with people who’d been, or people who’ve been touched by what they know of Daniel’s work, or with Ugandans living here in Houston, was wonderful.

Secondly, I had been discouraged this week about the future of Ten Eighteen in the midst of this awful economy, with the fiscal cliff looming, etc., and I was so tremendously encouraged by the Lord about HIS work with Ten Eighteen. I was gently reminded that it’s HIS work, not mine, and that He isn’t surprised by the economy, or by our (at the moment) lack of sufficient funds to cover our 2013 plans. He’s got it, and I need to let it go. It was a loving reminder of His plans and His sovereignty, and I needed that this week.

Finally, I got to meet Daniel, Joy and Jeremiah Situka, who I’d known from afar but never met. I loved hearing Ugandan accents, and sharing stories about mutually loved places. We even ended up having a mutual friend! My heart was just glad… There are no other words for the night except those. My heart was glad.

So tomorrow I leave for home, and things will return to whatever passes for normal in my crazy life. But that spark, which had not died but had burned down to a tiny ember, has been fanned into flame once again. I am so excited to go in February, and can’t wait to see what God has planned.
Thanks, all, for your prayers and support. They mean the world, not just to me, but to people across the world who are forever grateful.

Mary and her sewing machine. Love this lady so much!


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