Working in Uganda

I got my plane tickets for my next visit to Uganda (Feb, 2013), and I’m so excited! This is the first year that we haven’t done 2 trips, and I’m really missing my friends and all the people we work with there. Thank God for the internet, is all I have to say! I’m going by myself for the first time, and am planning an extra-busy trip, with no “one fun thing”, and not a lot of down time. I’ll be going back a second time, probably in August or September, and will be able to take 3 1/2 weeks then, rather than the 2 I’m taking in February.

Faith and Marvin, 2 of our sponsored kids

So what will I be doing? Well, I’ll arrive on Saturday night, and will get to Fathers House in Kampala around 11pm. I’ll sleep great, because I can’t sleep on planes, and will spend Sunday visiting with everyone there and marveling at how big the kids have gotten since May.

Four days that week I’ll go down to Namuwongo, to Ray of Hope, and go out in the community to visit my ladies of Nawezakana. We will be doing micro-business grants again, so we’ll review all the business plans and proposals, speak to as many as we can, and make the difficult decisions about who to help. We can’t help everyone every trip, of course – in May, 35 women submitted business plans, and we were able to help 13 of them. We’ll also visit with the kids at the Ray of Hope school, and hopefully I’ll see the Haven boys as well. If I don’t see them that week, I’ll see them the following weekend. (We feed 25 homeless kids dinner each night, before they go to sleep in 2 locations provided by Ray of Hope.)

Caroline, one of the widows we work with

Saturday, I’ll head to Jinja, spending one night in Bukaleba at the babies home. I’ll stay the other nights in the Arise Africa guest house in Jinja, and spend one day going out in the field with Hospice. Back to Kampala on Wednesaday, a party at Ray of Hope on Thursday or Friday, perhaps back down to Ray of Hope on Saturday to see the kids while they’re out of school, and then time with everyone at Father’s House before leaving Sunday night.

Sounds busy, doesn’t it? It will be! But with my guys at home, I’ll get all I can done in those 2 weeks, stay busy, perhaps even rent a car this time. This one will be fully a business trip, and I’ll probably need a week to recover, but I’m so very excited to get back and see everyone…

Stay tuned as plans firm up. I’m hoping to have a party for the ladies one day (probably the 2nd week). I know the babies home will be amazing, as always. I’ll see our school, and maybe take some treats out for the kids. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this trip – another first, going alone. But He’s in charge, and that’s always an adventure!


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