Where there’s hope…

Uganda has been on my heart this week, more than usual. No reason – I haven’t been emailing friends or on Facebook with them anymore than usual. Nothing has happened. I just find myself thinking about driving on those rutted roads, or watching the rain move across Lake Victoria in the early morning. The joy on the children’s faces (and the teens, too!) when we gave them bottles of Touch Bubbles and let them play. The singing and dancing of the women when we gave them food for their families. The little smirk on Marvin’s face as he walked across the little concrete pad, when he couldn’t even crawl the last time I saw him (for those of you new to the blog, Marvin is 3, but had been severely malnourished and so is developmentally delayed). Little pictures flash through my mind at odd moments, and make me smile.

I’ve been asked a lot this week, too, when I’m going back. Usually at this point after a trip I know. But I have no idea. I’m pretty sure it won’t be in 2012. I’m toying with the idea of a solo trip in early February, maybe only 10 days in country, which would be a whirlwind (this trip was crazy, and we were in country for 16 days!). The trip after that would depend on a number of factors since my son will graduate from high school in early May, my daughter will graduate from college in early-mid May, and it’s possible she will be getting married in the summer. My son wants to spend his gap year in Uganda, but we won’t know about when he could go until all of that is finalized. I’ll go over with him, whenever that is!

There’s a lot we need to do this summer as far as fundraising, or planning for fall fundraising, and the time is ticking by incredibly fast. Please keep us in your prayers as we look at our budget and the growing needs, and as we seek out new donors who can come along side us and allow us to keep doing what we’re doing, and even to expand.

Project Friendship!


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