On to Jinja…and Bukaleba

Ryan got in from the States on Wednesday night, and the three of us left and headed for Jinja on Thursday morning. No time for jetlag here! We had a couple of quiet personal days – including white water rafting on the Nile, which was fabulous! – and then headed out to Bukaleba to one of our favorite places ever, the Arise Africa babies home, and our primary school! We were so excited that we were actually spending the night out there, able to really enjoy the kids and the beautiful property (5 square miles), and it was great!

One of the very best things was that one of our sponsored kids, Marvin, who has really struggled after he was found extremely malnourished a couple of years ago, was walking! And drinking his own porridge, and even smiling. This was huge! Also, our favorite child there, Shabila, had been adopted! It was bittersweet – she wasn’t there to hug, but she has a family and lives in NC, so that was amazing. Mostly we just sat with them, played, Ryan drove van loads around to much laughter and excitement. A group of young men from Baylor was there, and we enjoyed them very much as well.

We were blessed with a program from the primary school kids (video to be added later!), and also got to go to church in the primary school Sunday morning. We were sad to leave!

P1 kids doing our program. They came in on Saturday just for us! Flash didn’t work…

Here’s a slideshow of our time there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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