May 11 – the long walk

Zeke went with me today, and we didn’t know it, but we were going to see Jennifer. Now, we love Jennifer. Jennifer is one of the ladies who has been able to buy land, and she’s doing well with her tailoring business (she received a grant last March). BUT, Jennifer lives way way way down the railroad tracks. WAY down. It’s a half hour walk down there, at a pretty good clip, and that’s if you don’t stop. Which we did, several times. Not knowing we were going there, we didn’t bring sunscreen, and I wore a tank top. Consequently, we are both completely fried. But… anyway… It was a pretty good day!

Two more of our sponsored kids

Mary, another of our old friends. She sews and has a produce stand. Festo, the young man to the left, has been sponsored by Ten Eighteen for 2 years. He was just accepted into Makerere University, and wants to study law!

Katherine, supreme prayer warrior… When Katherine prays over you, you know she has the red phone direct to the throne!

These are Angela’s two daughters, who we sponsor in vocational school. Angela is a hard worker, and has made a business out of filling the needs of 2 communities. She buys used clothing at the Namuwongo market very cheaply, and takes it 7 hours north, to her home village, and sells it for about 5 times what she pays. Then she buys sim sim and little tiny dried peas, Acholi staples, and brings them back to Namuwongo to sell to the many displaced Acholi who live there, again for a large profit. She’s brilliant!

One of the Nawezakana ladies selling jack fruit. I really dislike it, but it’s very popular.

We picked up this lovely young lady’s school fees, plus bought her a mosquito net

This photo is from March 2011, the first time we made the long walk to Jennifer’s. It’s waaayyyyyy down – you can’t even see it yet, and this is at least halfway there.


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