Uganda!! How I love you…

I wasn’t able to update the blog while I was gone, so I’m going to do what I’ve done in the past, and just write a post for each (interesting) day, starting with early May and going forward. I’ll probably do them all in one day, so don’t get confused! haha!

As an overview, the trip was GREAT!  I wasn’t ready to be done, but I guess it’s better to leave while you’re wanting to stay than to be happy to go. We got so much done in the two-plus weeks, and Ryan is continuing this week and next with 4 more visits to Ray of Hope and the Namuwongo slums. She had her first visit with them today and said it was really awesome, so I’m excited to hear how they all go.

We made some new commitments while we were there, and reaffirmed our passion and commitment to our existing projects, so stay tuned for how you can help. If you have a school, church, or other group that would be interested in a one-time or ongoing donation to any of our projects, please contact me. I’d love to speak to them, show them pictures and video, and share all that God has done in the last three years.


Rain coming across Lake Victoria


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