One of our sponsored kids at Arise Africa, Marvin.

We leave tomorrow! I can’t wait! (Well, it’s always bittersweet, since my husband doesn’t come, but overall… I can’t wait!)

So one big project has come up, and I am SO very excited about it. Here’s the scoop:

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, and I was thinking/praying about the trip. I thought that it would be really great to do something practical for the ladies of Nawezakana and the basketball camp kids, and felt the Lord suggesting that we give them food at the parties to take home with them. Yes! Excellent!


So I emailed Emily the next morning and asked her for suggestions (mine were sugar, or beans, rice and oil, or something like that). She suggested we give the ladies a kilo each of posho (kind of a cornmeal mush that’s a staple), beans and a liter of oil; and the kids a kilo of sugar and a bar of washing soap. So I emailed Emma, the man who can solve all problems (and provides all our transport), and asked him what we needed to do to get it. He suggested we add rice to the ladies’ gifts, and  a loaf of bread to the kids’, so we’re doing that too. Bottom line is we’ll leave a couple of hours early to purchase and load up the goods on Tues and Thur mornings, and we’ll be able to bless 70 people and their families with good nutritious food.


I AM SO EXCITED!!! I can’t even tell you how excited, or totally why. We’ve helped with food and rent and clothes and medical expenses before. But we’ve never actually purchased food items and given them to our wonderful friends, and for some reason this act of giving actual gifts, not just the money to purchase them… To go to the market and buy things, load the car, unload the car, stack it up, hand it out… I am just excited beyond all reasonable sense!

We are still doing all the other things from the last posts, and all that is really exciting, too. So please pray for all of it!  Thanks so much for your support!

Zeke with our great Camp volunteers – we’ll see them next week!


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