One week!

It happens every time, no matter how many months are between visits. It takes FOREVER to get here, and then WHAM! It’s just around the corner. I think I have issues with time… Sometimes it doesn’t seem uniform, does it??

And so we’re off!  I’m just going to do a photo journey today… you can read other blog posts to see what we’ll be up to.


Typical market

Children will play! These kids were having so much fun in this old suitcase...

The kids LOVE having their pictures taken! The adults... Not so much (you have to ask permission or they get mad!).

Jennifer, one of our micro-grant recipients, me, and Christine from Ray of Hope.

Justin, Vincent and Edmond - can't wait to see these guys again!

Project Friendship!

Our wonderful friends at Hospice Jinja


Week and a half!

I’m not going to start this post with “I can’t believe” since I realized that I started the last 2 posts with the phrase… But time sure is flying! I had an error in my notes, and thought we were staying a day longer than we are, but forturnately I found out about it before we’d missed the homebound flight. (This has happened to a daughter who shall remain nameless…) But we are now set with our itinerary, transport, and all our activities. We will be confirming dates with Ray of Hope once we’re there, but we’re looking forward to our many days with them.

All that is left is packing (always an adventure), getting our perfect hundred dollar bills for exchanging (they have to be 2006 or newer, no rips, holes, marks, stamps, etc… it takes awhile to get them together!), and make sure we have enough things at home like dogfood and catfood and toilet paper.

If you want to help us with our parties for the ladies of Nawezakana and the kids from the basketball camp, help with our micro-grant program, or child sponsorship, there’s still time! We’d love to have you involved!  And if you currently sponsor a child and want to send a letter, photo and/or *small* gift, you’ve got a week!

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3 weeks and counting!

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying now. It seemed to drag so slowly until a couple of weeks ago! Now I’m shopping for Father’s House, planning out all my transport needs, booking and confirming all our accommodations, getting a new (small) camera because we have such a tiny weight allowance for our one carry on bag each (15lb, and only 1!), picking up the malaria meds… It’s almost here!

I’m really excited about this trip! Ok, I’m always excited, and last trip, with the camp, was also really fun to plan. But this time will be kind of a departure from our usual, and I feel like a bird that’s leaving the nest! In a good way…

Here’s what’s going on:

Up til this trip, while I have had some things planned to do on our own, we’ve done a lot with and around Father’s House, their schedule, etc. I’ve relied heavily on my wonderful friend Suzanne for transportation, so for the most part, we’ve gone to Ray of Hope together, the market together, and on all kinds of adventures together. And we’ll do some of that this time, of course. But as with the camp last August, this time I’ll be doing a lot of things alone and with Zeke and Ryan, separate from Father’s House. The fledgling is hitting the road!

We will be having a lunch, catered by our great friends at Nesco, for the ladies of Nawezakana, on May 8th, just to bless them and catch up with what they’re doing. I LOVE THESE LADIES! They are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. So I’m so excited to spend a few hours with them, sharing a meal, laughing and singing and talking as we always do.

We will be having a lunch on the 10th, also by Nesco, for the kids from the basketball camp. It looks like all of our Ugandan volunteers will be joining us, too, and we’ll be handing out candy, tee shirts, friendship bracelets, and catching up on how all the kids are doing. I’m really excited to see the kids again, and to spend time with our awesome volunteers!

Several days will be spent down in Namuwongo, meeting with the ladies we’ve given micro-grants to in the past, seeing how they’re doing, how their businesses are doing, and determining if we can be of help in any way going forward. Our goal is that they become self sufficient, and as they learn to manage money, most of them are well able to expand their businesses to pick up even more of their own expenses. It’s wonderful to see! Hopefully we’ll meet with some women we haven’t been able to meet before, and offer more help through our micro-grant program.

A lot of the kids we sponsor will be at one or more of these events, so I’m really anxious to catch up with them, encourage them, see how they’re doing in school. School is so crucial to their future, and we try to help however we can.

Once we head to Jinja, we’ll be spending a night in Bukaleba at the Arise Africa babies home. All of us are so excited to have an extended stay with the kids! (And the food is fabulous, too!)  We’ll also be going out for a day with the hospice team, helping where we can as they meet with clients and treat them with their amazing compassion and kindness.

Finally, Ryan will be spending several days after Zeke and I leave for the States with Ray of Hope, helping in the school, helping in the office, and doing whatever she can to assist these hard working women who give so much of their lives to the ministry.

We could really use your prayers, first and foremost. But we’d love your financial support, too. Remember, a little goes a long way… You can change a woman’s life for $50. You can feed a family for about $6 a week. You can sponsor a child for $30-100, three times a year. You really can make a huge difference, even with a very small donation.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support!