Two months til liftoff!

I can’t believe how 2012 has flown by! So far it’s been kind of a strange year, but then again, never a dull moment.

On May 3 we leave for our only planned 2012 trip (sadly). We have been going twice a year, so this seems short and sad, but we’ve got a lot planned for the 3 weeks:

*  We’re having a party for the ladies of Nawezakana, providing them a lunch catered by our friends at Nesco (Nsambya Ex-Street Children Organization). We just want to bless the ladies and catch up on their lives.

*  We’re also having a reunion party for the kids that participated in our basketball camp, and all the volunteers (who live in Uganda) will be coming, too. I’m really excited about this, and we will try to do some fun things with the kids. We’ll also be passing out more friendship bracelets!

*  We will be spending a night at Arise Africa’s guest house in Bukaleba, allowing us to spend many hours with the wonderful kids at the babies home and school.

*  We will be visiting some of our favorite people on the planet at Hospice Jinja.

*  We will be going out into the slums of Namuwongo and visiting the ladies that we have given grants to, and visiting some of the kids that we sponsor, and seeing what their needs are. We currently pay rent for 2 elderly women and for 2 single moms. The latter we have given business grants to that have kept them from starvation but not allowed them to become fully self-sufficient. We’d like to talk with them and see if there’s something we can do to boost their self-generated income even more.  This will encompass several days, and we’ve never been in May before, so I’m praying for good – and dry! – weather.

We will also, of course, be spending lots of time with our wonderful family at Fathers House.

How can you help (I’m sure you’re asking)?

*  We need at least 100 friendship bracelets, just for Kampala. I’d love to be able to take more to distribute in Jinja and Bukaleba, also.

*  We will be spending a good bit of money catering the two parties, which will feed about 100 people in total. This will be such a blessing to them – and we’d love to have your help in funding it.

*  We will not be taking much extra this time because we are flying a different airline and will have a much more limited baggage/weight allowance. But we would love for those of you who sponsor a child to send a card, photo, and maybe a small gift that we can distribute personally.

Thanks again for all your prayers!



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